Big Picture

Vega Media Partners® offers a dynamic business model, characterized by constant activity and progress, that is centered around the development and ownership our unique software. This ownership allows us the ability to create and manage Indoor Digital Signage like never before. By combining our software with large, flat screen TVs we have created an indoor digital advertising medium which appeals to both the viewer and the advertiser.

Our current business model, which has been completely influenced by years of feedback from our advertising partners, is structured around installing our Vega TV Units inside a strategic combination high quality, consistently visited Medical Office and Restaurant locations. Our locations offer specific target demographics and visually captivated audiences, with the time to constantly view and digest our advertising partners’ full-color, digital ads.

Vega Media Partners® Indoor Digital Signage is an advertising medium offering innovative and unique attributes:

  • Displaying LIVE TV PROGRAMMING compels our audiences to continuously watch our Vega TVs, which creates an extremely captivated audience.
  • Displaying FULL-COLOR DIGITAL ADS (alongside the live TV programming) gives our advertising partners a way to reach a captivated audience with their advertising messages.
  • "Text VEGA to 88500 for the contact information of all Vega Media advertising partners" is an avenue we created to give anyone watching our Vega TVs the ability to obtain, and actually download, our advertiser’s contact information.

Vega Media has been one of the most influential, dependable and successful advertising mediums for us from day one. They truly listen to their clients' needs and provide valuable exposure opportunities and impeccable customer service at an affordable price.

– Mike Pilcher, Director of System Relations - Athens Regional Health System

Digital display advertising with Vega Media has been great for Locos and KEBA!  The waiting room displays are located in high visibility areas to maximize viewership for us and help drive customers into our stores.

– Dawn Bernstein, Marketing Director – Locos Grill & Pub and KEBA Spitfire Grill